Food for Good is working towards a day when no kid goes hungry over the summer.

About Us

Our History

Food for Good was created in 2009 when employees — inspired by the company’s Performance with Purpose vision — began exploring how they could make a meaningful impact in urban communities. Since that time, Food for Good has expanded from being a summer meal program to offering meals year round!

The Food for Good Model

We create delicious and healthy pre-packed meals that meet USDA standards and ensure a balanced diet with whole grains, fruits and vegetables. We have also recently established a retail program that places farmstands stocked with affordably-priced produce in underserved communities.

Our Progress to Date

It takes a village to be successful, and it is certainly true in the case of addressing childhood hunger. It would not have been possible to reach as many children as we have without the invaluable support of government agencies and non-profit organizations.

Over 6.5 million meals have been served since 2009. We served 2.7 million meals in 2015 alone.

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